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Technology type of crusher

Technology type of crusher

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 According to the way of crushing force, the crushers can be roughly divided into two categories:

(1) crusher (2) grinding machine

The crusher generally handles larger pieces of material with a coarser grain size, typically greater than 8 mm. Its structural feature is that there is a certain gap between the crushing members, and they do not touch each other. The crusher can be further divided into a coarse crusher, a medium crusher and a fine crusher. Generally speaking, the material processed by the grinding machine is fine, and the particle size of the product is fine particles, which can reach 0. 074 mm, and even finer. The structural feature is that the crushing components (or media) are in contact with each other, and the medium used is steel balls, steel bars, gravels or nuggets. However, some machines have both crushing and grinding functions, such as self-grinding machines. 5. 5 × 1. 8 meters from the mill to treat the ore particle size up to 350 ~ 400 mm

According to the crushing method, mechanical structural characteristics (action principle), divided into six categories

(1) Jaw crusher (Tiger mouth). The crushing action is to periodically press the movable jaw to the fixed jaw and crush the ore sandwiched in it.

(2) Cone crusher . The nugget is between the inner and outer cones, the outer cone is fixed, and the inner cone is eccentrically oscillated to crush or break the nugget sandwiched therein.

(3) Roller crusher . The nugget is mainly subjected to continuous crushing in the squeezing of two oppositely rotating round rolls, but also has a grinding and peeling effect, and the toothed roll surface also has a mashing effect.

(4) Impact crusher . The nuggets are crushed by the impact of the rapidly rotating moving parts. Belonging to this category can be divided into: hammer crusher; cage crusher; impact crusher

(5) Grinding machine . The ore is crushed by the impact and grinding action of the grinding medium (steel ball, steel bar, gravel or nugget) in a rotating cylinder.

A. Roll mill : The material is crushed by a rotating roller.

B. Disc Grinding Machine : The disc is rotated by a vertical shaft or a horizontal shaft as a crushing member.

C, centrifugal grinding machine. The centrifugal force is generated by the high-speed rotating parts and the medium to complete the crushing action.

D, vibration grinding machine. The high-frequency vibration is generated by the rotating shaft, so that the medium and the material collide with each other to complete the crushing action.

Various types of crushers have different specifications and different ranges of use. The coarse crushing multi-purpose jaw crusher or the rotary cone crusher; the medium crushing adopts the standard cone crusher; the fine crushing adopts the short-head cone crusher.