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The importance of crusher maintenance

The importance of crusher maintenance

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The hammer crusher should pay special attention to the following points in daily use and maintenance:

1. It is strictly forbidden to use the material machine that exceeds the design limit.
2. Select suitable feeding equipment to avoid impact on the equipment due to uneven feeding and invalid operation. 
3. During the use of the hammer head, according to the current situation, the eye should be turned down and turned over in time to make the hammer head wear evenly and the rotor operation balance. 
4. Weighing when replacing the new hardware hammer, the quality requirements of each group are equal, otherwise the rotor imbalance will easily cause vibration when starting. 
5. Check the gap between the hammer head and the screen bar and between the screen bar and the screen bar when parking. 
6. However, when the metal or the lining plate falls into the crusher, it is easy to cause damage or bending of the middle hammer plate. At this time, it should be replaced in time, otherwise it will easily lose the vibration caused by the hammer. 
7. The wear between the side hammer plate of the hammer frame and the side plate of the casing is more serious, and the wear layer can be welded on the circumferential surface of the side plate and the side near the side plate. 
8. Due to the friction during operation, the shaft diameter at both ends of the spindle is easy to wear. When installing, add two bushing sleeves at the shaft diameter to protect the shaft diameter on the shaft. 
9. After the bearing wears, it must be repaired and withered in time.