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Ball mill routine considerations

Ball mill routine considerations

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With the increasing use of ball mills in various industries, there are more and more problems . These problems mainly involve installation, operation, maintenance, etc. No matter which aspect of the problem may cause the ball mill to malfunction, it can not work normally. This article summarizes the following points for users' reference, hoping to help users reduce some unnecessary troubles. .


First, the ball mill installation

Before the ball mill is put into production, it can be put into production after being installed and tested by technicians.

1. The ball mill must rotate the machine 2 to 3 turns before starting to avoid accidents;

2. Check the assembly of various components such as bolts, gears, couplings, reducers, etc. and transmission parts;

3. Check the running-in effect of the lubrication device of each lubrication point of the ball mill (such as main bearing, drive shaft, reducer and gear), whether the ball mill oil quality, oil quantity, oil temperature, etc. meet the requirements;

4. Check whether the electrical interlocking devices are connected properly; check whether the equipment associated with the ball mill is normal; check whether the safety protection devices are complete.


Second, the ball mill operation

1. After the ball mill starts working, if it is not fed, the ball mill can't run for a long time (generally it can't exceed 15min), so as not to damage the ball mill liner and consume the steel ball.

2. When preparing the feeding, the operator should adjust the feeding amount and the granularity of the discharging in strict accordance with the production requirements to ensure the output and quality of the product.

3. Before the ball mill stops, first stop feeding, but the ball mill needs to run for about 10 minutes. After all the materials in the ball mill are ground, stop it again, which is convenient for next use.

In the event of an accident, stop the feed immediately, cut off the power supply, and immediately repair it. At the same time, the user also needs to check the wear of the liner of the ball mill frequently. If the wear of the liner is to be replaced in time, it will not affect the normal operation.


Third, the ball mill maintenance

It is only possible to fully utilize the advantages of the ball mill after daily maintenance. Therefore, it is recommended that the user should carry out routine maintenance on the ball mill. In addition, once the ball mill is abnormal, the user should check the repair in time to avoid unnecessary loss due to small loss. The maintenance of the ball mill is mainly whether the lining is worn, the lubrication between the gears, and the equipment circuit. In short, when using the ball mill, users should avoid illegal operation, encounter abnormalities, and timely repair.

If you want to know more about the operation of the ball mill, please consult us !