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Wear of the crusher

Wear of the crusher

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 The wear of mechanical equipment during use is inevitable, especially in the use of crushers . Due to the special nature of its production work, the wear is very obvious. In the case of faster wear and damage of equipment and equipment, it will Serious impact on the entire production process is a significant reduction in the production efficiency of the production line. The wear of crusher equipment is mainly divided into the following two aspects.
First, natural wear
Usually refers to the change in the geometry and size structure of the instrument components caused by the mutual friction between the various components of the machine during normal use and operation of the machine. This part of the wear is usually slower and the hazard will not be caused in the short term. However, due to wear of the device, the mechanical contact gap between the components increases, and after a long period of wear, the components that should be combined to work together, the gap is increased due to wear, and the joint cannot be well combined. This will seriously affect the production efficiency of the crusher equipment. At the same time, if the wear device cannot be replaced in time, it may even cause damage to other components, resulting in greater destructive damage to the crusher equipment.
Second, premature wear
Mainly due to the unreasonable structure of the machine itself, the inferior quality of the materials used in the individual zero devices, the substandard quality of some components, and incorrect installation and incorrect equipment operation.
After multiple analysis, we find that the crusher belongs to heavy industrial equipment. The damage caused by wear during the process is relatively large. Therefore, we need to timely maintain good maintenance of all kinds of wearable parts during the use of the crusher. Replacement of defective components. Only when we find the problem better in the process of use and deal with it in time can we ensure the higher efficiency and normal safe operation of the crusher.