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What is the reason for the different sizes of cone crushers?

What is the reason for the different sizes of cone crushers?

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1. The price of steel used is different
We all know that some of the large-scale machinery and equipment they use is the hardest steel we use. It is reasonable to say that the price of steel is uniform in the market, because most of the steel in the market is owned by the company. Produced and sold, but what you don't know is that the quality of steel in these steels is also different. The price of steel with different quality is different. There are many large-scale machinery and equipment that use low-priced steel, so In the process of production of these large machinery, their production costs are greatly reduced, which leads to the difference of quotations of our cone crushers by tens of thousands of yuan.
2. The technical specifications used are different
The reason why the cone crusher is quoted in the current market is so different. In the process of production of this product, the technical specifications used by different manufacturers are different, because these manufacturers are in the quality of the product of one product. The requirements are not very strict. If the technical specifications of a product are not too strict, the quality of the products they produce is also uneven, so the technical specifications are the reasons that affect the different quotations of a product, and it is also a very important reason. .
3. The cooperation of the production business is different
In our offer for cone crushers, especially in some of the sales outlets on the market today, the quotes they offer may vary by tens of thousands of dollars, which is because the co-producers of these stores are different because different companies The pricing of their own products is different. This is also the competitive means of these companies. Many companies attract customers through low prices, so this vicious competition is also the reason for the different prices of our products.