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Inspection and treatment of crusher

Inspection and treatment of crusher

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1. Tools: wrenches , pliers, screwdrivers , hammers, shovel, etc.

2, the necessary alternatives accessories: a variety of short chain rings, chains, bolts, nuts , the insurance pin of the crusher.

3. Lubricating oil and turbine oil.

Inspection and processing:

1. The connecting parts of the motor, reducer , hydraulic coupling, head, tail and other parts must be complete, intact and fastened. The reducer and hydraulic shaft section should be free from oil leakage and oil leakage, and the amount of oil should be appropriate.

2, the signal must be sensitive and reliable, no signal is not allowed to boot. The spray sprinkler should be kept in good condition.

3, the power cable, the operating line must be hung neatly, no compression phenomenon.

4. Clean coal, vermiculite, and debris near the clean head, motor, and reducer.

5, the working face scraping conveyor head and the end of the transfer machine should be suitable.

6, the scraper chain plate is moderate, the scraper and screws must be fully tightened.

7. The transfer vehicle must be stable and reliable.

8. When the machine is turned on under the condition of the bridge body, the operation of each part should have no abnormal sound, and the scraper, chain and connecting ring should be free from twisting, twisting and bending deformation.

9. The roadway support at the crusher and crusher must be intact and firm.

10. To ensure the safety protection net and protection device of the crusher, no deformation, no failure, safe and reliable