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Main points of crusher operation

Main points of crusher operation

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Test run car:

1. Close the magnetic starter handle to send power;

2. Press the button to open two or three times;

3, start, idling 1 ~ 2 weeks;

4. The combined operation of the transfer machine and the crusher;

5, check no abnormalities, send a start signal.

6. During the operation of the crusher, the machine and the motor should not have vibration, the sound and humidity should be normal, the temperature of each bearing should not exceed 75 °C, and the motor temperature should not exceed the manufacturer's regulations;

7. The chain tension of the transfer machine must be the same. Under full load, the chain tension should not exceed the length of the two links, and there should be no chain or jump chain phenomenon.

8. After the fusible plug or the fragile piece of the transfer unit joint transfer joint is damaged, it shall not be replaced by wood or other materials;

9. The safety net of the crusher protection network should be kept intact, and should be checked frequently during the work process. If there is damage, it should be stopped immediately;

10. Safety devices such as the tail protection of the transfer machine must be guaranteed to be in good condition;

11. Transfer the carrier.

(1) Clean the tail of the machine, the sides of the fuselage and the floating coal and floating raft under the bridge;

(2) Protect cables, water pipes, oil pipes, and hang them neatly;

(3) Check the roadway support and shift the transfer machine while ensuring safety;

(4) The walking trolley and the tail conveyor of the belt conveyor should have good contact, do not run off, and the lap joint is good after the transfer, to prevent the large coal from smashing the tape and ensure the smooth flow of coal; 

Finishing work

1. The coal mining machine at the working face stops cutting coal, and after the working surface scraper conveyor is pushed, the coal in the scraper conveyor, the crusher and the transfer machine are all pulled out.

2. Clean the coal and concrete on both sides of the machine, the tail and the fuselage.

3. Turn the magnetic starter switch handle to the power off position and lock the locking screw