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Gear Reducer of Rolling Mill and Accessorial Equipments

Gear Reducer of Rolling Mill and Accessorial Equipments

Gear reducer of rolling mill
We have made gear reducers for many kinks of stick and wire rolling mill in producing lines of main driving.Every producing line included several and decades of gearreducer of plane, vertical type etc. this system reducers have high carried capacityand transmitting ratio, input power 300-1200KW, the central distance of roller covers350、450、 550、600mm. The gear and shaft are made of high performance steels 17 CrNiMo6 20CRNI2MOA. The case is welded, the cooling and sealing systems are advance and reliable.We have made gear reducers for producing rolling sheet aluminium.
Gear reducer of rolling accessorial equipments
Features: We have made gear reducers for rolling accessorial equipments including flying shears, uncoiler and curled machines and accessorial components. The flying shear machine has slewing and crank types,the Max.power 520KW. The uncoilerand curled machines have gearshift devices for relized two gearshifts by a hydraulic cylinder.
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