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Gear Reducer of SDR Grinder

Gear Reducer of SDR Grinder

Application scope:
Gear reducer of sdr grinder is widely applied to cement, metallurgy, petroleum and all kinds of light industry machinery.
Quality and characteristic
1. Gear material:NiCr high grade alloy steel.
2. Gear precision: no less than 6 classes (GB10095-88)。
3. Gear face hardened, quenched and grinded and mending shape. The rigidity =HRC60±2.
4. The contact of tooth load ≥90%(efficient tooth long).
5. The allowed top load is 25 times of prime-motor rating power.
6. The allowed load scope of continuouse running Is ± 10% of prime-motor rating.
7. The shaft hole is sealed efficiently
8. The bearing and gear are lubricated by cooling, circulatation and constant temperature for keeping oil film thickness, high efficiency.
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