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Gear Reducer of MZ Center Driving Grinder

Gear Reducer of MZ Center Driving Grinder

Application scope:
Gear reducer of MZ system center driving grinder is widely applied to grind the raw material andcement inbuilding industry,metallurgy and mining industry etc. at the same time, also applied to pressing sugar industry etc.. its characteristic is advanced performance and high reliability.
Technology charateristic
1. Gear reducer of MZ system center driving consists of main gear reducer and low drive system, film couplerand oil station system, multiplexing temperature circulation transmitting air system etc...
2. Main gear reducer is a gear driving device of involute column parallelled to shaft, adopted synchronal transmission system arrangement of power distributed and adjusted wheel loads. It is a compact construction, small dimension and light weight.
3. All drive gears of gear reducer are made of high grade alloy case-hardened steel. The gears are hardened, quenched and grinded for high precision and load capacity.
4. Adopting more free, thin sliding bearing and eccentric sliding bearing for installing and adjusting easy to insure the precision of the gear meched.
5. Adopting gearbox welded. The configration is a simple and beautiful.
6. Main parameters are optimized design, the parts configuration is standard, dimension is series, assemble parts are modularized, components is common for replaced.
7. Low drive reducer of main auxiliary system is the small dimmension, the light weight and high standardizationfor meet the needs of front and back drive arrangements etc...
8. Film coupler can solve efficiently the error of uncoaxiality between grinder and main machine for buffering andvibrating isolation.
9. The 2 gear oil pumps are installed for independent oil station for insuring lubricating system reliability. The perfect lubricating pressure,monitoring temperature and alarm system have supplied for equipment safe protection. Heating lubricating oil system can meet the needs of      paramos.
10. The multiplexing temperature circulation transducer adopted 12 pathes terminal face thermal resistance and advanced transform circuit system, it had high brightness LE digital display for bearing serial number of main reducer and temperature value. At the same time, it supplied 4-20mA standard signal and switch signalof alarm system for computer control system.
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