The Tendency of Crushing Industry in China


A.The General Introduction
Currently the demands for crushing equipment in the industry has undergone tremendous changes. The demand for the crusher which is used in the cement production line has been gradually is less than which of the crusher applied for handling the sand and stone, otherwise the demand of the special-application crusher such as construction waste crusher and mobile crusher has increased, which are very popular in these market.
Due to the introduction of the policy of using waste resources to produce cement the production lines of processing waste resources such as carbide slag, coal gangue and blast furnace slag have become hot products. These production lines not only improve environmental-protection standards but also reduce costs and also achieve good economic benefit and social value. Accordingly, professional crushing equipment such as carbide slag crusher and coal gangue crusher has become hot products in the market. The export growth rate of an industry or product reaches 40%-70%, which is considered as the jumping period, after which lasts a period it will enter a high-risk period of trade friction. China's crushing machinery industry is now in such a period. With the acceleration of the process of world economic integration, traditional trade barriers are gradually weakened or eliminated, and anti-dumping and technical barriers to trade are increasingly used. Developed countries take advantage of technological advantages to safeguard the overall national or regional security, human or animal and plant safety and environmental protection, and constantly adopt technical regulations, standards, certification, patents. Therefore, in the current situation of rapid growth of export trade, we must maintain a clear and rational understanding, and enhance the awareness and means of preventing international trade friction disputes. In international trade, crusher enterprises need to pay attention to and prevent such risks as anti-dumping, anti-subsidy, safeguard measures and special safeguard measures, technical barriers, political, financial and RMB appreciation. The overall scale of China's crushing industry has entered the ranks of major international manufacturers but the overall competitiveness and development potential are still unable to compete with developed countries. At present domestic high-level users and the components of products that is used for exporting mainly rely on imports. With the increase of export trade friction it is bound to be restricted by foreign competitors and suppliers. Therefore the development of crushing machinery should be focused on the basic technology and components to improve independent development. Chinese manufacturers are mainly engaged in the production of crusher, sand machine, grinder and gravel production line and other large scale heavy machines.
B.The development of crusher must pay attention to the following points:
1.The wearable performance. The crusher's wearable resistance is the main performance, now our crusher is using high alloy wear-resistant hammer head, in this alloy aspect every breakthrough will greatly increase the service life of our crusher, greatly improve the crusher's performance.
2. The overall design of crusher is also an important development direction of crusher. Products designed and manufactured according to the needs and conditions of users can fully meet the needs of users, and can fully meet customer satisfaction and required technical parameters.
3. High-quality after-sales service, with an excellent service team, can enable customers to machine failure in the shortest possible time to get maintenance services, which will save customers a lot of time, thus not delaying the work of the entire production line.
In short the development of the crushing industry not only needs to do some technical upgrading and structural transformation on the single equipment, but also needs to make more intelligent and humanized high-quality products.